Japanese Moss Terrarium with LED lighting,"Mosslight," / UNC17001WH

  • This doesn't contain plants,stones,soil,etc.
  • You can use this for growing your own plants, like moss.
  • As it is handmade, there may be some deformation due to thickness and air bubbles. Glass is not completely even in thickness, and in which bubbles may remain because this product is handmade.
  • Made in Japan
  • The LED light fixture body is of matt resin (black or white)
  • Glass container:diameter 175mm x height 300mm
  • Input voltage:AC 100 to 240 V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption:7w
  • Current consumption:0. 15A
  • Lumen:500 lm (diffuser plate)
  • Color temperature:about 5,000 K (daylight white color) (Due to the characteristics of the LED used, color temperature might have high and low variations)
  • Color rendering property:Ra 85
  • LED life:40, 000 hours (It depends on environment where used)
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Moss Terrarium with LED lighting

Moss Terrarium with LED lighting

Moss light is a terrarium with a LED plants fixture. It is a product that supports plant photosynthesis, so it can enjoy growth. The light of the LED does not generate heat on the whole surface, there is no thermal damage. The color temperature also adopts to 5,000k which means an illuminating like the morning sun in the morning dew. The coIor rendering aIso uses the high-qualiy LED of Ra85.

As an interior lighting fixture, you can enjoy lights and pIants in this new style of aquarium.

There are many ways for enjoying Mosslight-LED.

Moss Terrarium with LED lighting Moss Terrarium with LED lighting Moss Terrarium with LED lighting Moss Terrarium with LED lighting
Moss Succulents Aquarium Mosslight-LED hanger

Even if there is no natural light,you can !

Mosslight-LED has required amount of brightness for the growth of the plant.Even if there is no natural light, you can grow plants by turnning on this LED light for 8 hours.

A room with no direct sunlight

In a room with no direct sunlight,but with indirect light, you don't need to put on LED light during the daylight hours. At night, you would enjoy the LED light.Please do not put this in the place exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Moisturizing sheet will prevent the drying.

Not using moisturizing sheet, you can prevent the gIass container from fogging.But If the air is dry, we recomend you to use moisturizing sheet. And when you can not take care of the plants more than 1 week, you have to use this.

Separately sold parts Mosslight-LED hanger

If you get Mosslight-LED hanger (UNC18001),you can hang this product from a ceilling.

You can chose the brightness of LED

M(1)100%-(2)50%- (3)15%- (4)5%-(5)light off There is a switch to switch the brightness of LED:
(1)100%-(2)50%- (3)15%- (4)5%-(5)light off
according to the brightness of the room and the growth of plants.

Enjoy for a long time

This picture shows plants development for 4 years.With a small electricity bill, you can enjoy this experience.

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Mosslight official Shop e-bay amazon shop
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